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If you think it could be better then maybe time to look at ways to attract new business. I love to help local businesses by building functional, aesthetically appealing, and search engine-friendly websites. 

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You may think that not having a website is better for your circumstances but time and time again it has been shown to build confidence and trust with potential clients. Also in order to be properly listed on Google and in Google maps you need to have a website even if it is a basic one you made yourself. Just so that you are aware if you add yourself on Google maps as a business you get access to the option of creating a free website for yourself in the ‘Google My Business’ dashboard – so it is well worth considering and looking into.  

Responsive websites

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I work with my clients to create something that will get attention and interest from the visitor. I want to start off by making them feel like they want to find out more about you and then feel confident that you would make a good choice for them.  I was building websites in the late 90s already so I have amassed some experience. I am even happy to teach you how to make your own website without any coding. (for a fee) 

website design content and search engine optimisation


I have been working as a Google My Business advisor since 2016 and before then was very knowledgeable about search engine optimisation. I started the UK dog crate company in 2004 and built the sites from scratch to be sales funnels including paypal buttons, upsells and thank you pages. I bought a few domains a couple I still own and you can check on the wabac machine for and see how I started them off. 

website design content and branding


Your brand is what sets your business, service and products apart from the competition. Get this right and you are off to a winner. Consistency is the key so when it comes to things like typeface, colours, visuals and logos consistency is the representation of your business building trust and your reputation. So we can work together to get this right for you starting with a logo and colour scheme

Have enough clients?

If the honest answer to that question is no then chances are potential customers are struggling to find you online. My goal with every website is to turn browsers into buyers. I won’t complicate things with jargon or tech-talk just good persuasive sales copy that I can write for you. So I will create it for you from start to finish and if there is something that is outside the usual requirement I have a team of other designers who will have the answers. So let’s get started by having an informal chat about your website goals.  Click the link below to go to my contact page and fill in the short easy form and I will get back to you ASAP


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If you also want to be happy with your new website, local search ranking along with the low prices then click the button below to get in touch and make contact.