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So as you have probably already worked out my name is Colin. I started creating websites for my own businesses, friends, family  and acquaintances.  So here’s a short summary of me, if you are interested. I grew up in Southern Africa.  Johannesburg is where I attended Damelin college and studied Computing and Business & Marketing. Not long after I completed my studies I set up my first business. In 1987 I returned to the UK where I trained as a business adviser and management consultant helping new and small businesses grow and succeed. A lot has changed since those days but it has never been more important to have a website for any business, self-employed person or even hobbies you want to grow. I started building website using Dreamweaver and Flash that was about 1999 and I created my own first website in 1999. I have made hundreds of websites since. In 2016 I started working with Google as a Trusted Pro for StreetView and Google My Business. I am currently the admin for Google Trusted Photography Facebook group and have over 50000 photos across 3 accounts on Google maps.

I now live in Lincolnshire with my wife and 2 children. I do have an issue which is why I have been self-employed most of my life – I have a severe form of ADHD, it doesn’t affect my work with websites except I have to double-check and re-read everything but with my problematic symptoms came some great advantages like hyper-focus which enables me to lose myself in my tasks at hand and drown out my surroundings much to my wife’s annoyance.

It is incredibly important for me to ensure each client is happy with my service and as a matter of fact many of my clients have become my friends. I use a short form asking about your business and what you want and expect as well as a few things like images that I will need from you to create the website. If necessary I can take photos for you so that you only have to provide the bear minimum for me to create the site.

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As a web designer and business advisor, I have spent my 30+ year career helping build companies and understanding what customers want. Finding and making your uniqueness a principal selling asset and finding out the advantage and benefits of it.  

Regardless of your business type, my approach is to understand your needs, your target audience, what you offer and create your site around the marketing of that. So let’s take it to the next step.