What do I offer?

I offer a really simple web design service to help get you up and running fast on a small budget. With my websites, you get that little bit extra. I work hard to get the attention of the visitor within the first moments and then make them want to find out more. Your website needs to be like a sales brochure being very visual and explaining your advantages and benefits to the visitors and then asking them to take action. I work closely with you to create this and the story of your business.  What’s best for you and your business? A.I.D.A. Attention  Interest   Desire Action So I try to create something that grabs attention then holds the interest of the visitors then even if it is just the desire to reach out and contact you, then on every page a call to action. 

  • Attracting new clients.
  • Streamlining your marketing.
  • Focusing on the client objectives.
  • Building trust and relationships.
  • Increasing your click-through rate.

Sample Work

Facebook Pages

I will create a Facebook page for your organisation that includes a Facebook cover and profile image/logo. I can link these to your websites and link your site back to the Facebook page. This is a major factor in building trust and building your branding 

Google My Business

If you don’t already have one I get you on the map. I create your Google My Business Listing and any graphics that are required. I get you listed on the map and in the local search. Depending on what field your organisation is involved with and how that relates to the competition in Google but bear in mind that no matter what your line of business it can take a week or so for results to start to show, however, I put in an extensive amount of effort to achieve this, often days behind the scenes work. I create hundreds of Google Citations which give your listings a massive boost. There are a number of other techniques and tricks many of which remain my closely guarded secret but they help get your new website up that ranking. 

Let me help you get this going...

Go to my contact page now and send me a quick message telling me you want to get this started.