why you need a website

Why You Need A Website

  1. A website makes you look credible. Your website is a place for you to show off your credentials, skills, abilities, and knowledge.  It enables you to have professional email addresses. Overall you will look far more professional.
  2. You can generate more customers through a website and you need a website to even appear in the search results of Google and other search engines. 
  3. You can showcase your business services or products on a website.  Showing potential customers what they will get when they choose your services or products using good quality photos which these days you can create with your phone is literally demonstrates your results.  Like my own website here. 
  4. You can encourage visitors to make contact with you as I have done on every single page of my website. I build this option into every single web design because we must have a call to action. If there is some more information required by the viewer it is simple for them to click a button. 
  5.  This for me is the most important reason for anyone in business no matter how small needing a website. You or I will put your business on Google Maps and create a Google my Business account. Google values a Google My Business account so much that if you don’t have one or it’s not correctly used, they will bury you in the depths of the results. Remember you will literally be “On The Map” so let me at least do this for you.
  6. Your website establishes your place within your industry.  80+% of potential customers will carry out research before they make a buying decision and if you don’t have a website you can’t even start to be included in this research. As well as this because of increased use in mobile technology means that this will only grow. 
  7. The overhead of owning a website has dramatically reduced over recent years so there is no need to worry about the cost of hosting and upkeep as they are so low these days. 

Example of why you need a website.

Let’s say YOU need a dog trainer and you live in Milton Keynes. Let’s also surmise that you are looking on your mobile for potential trainers and you type in Dog Training. If you don’t have a website you can’t even appear in this list below the map and even if you add yourself onto the map without a website you lose massive credibility when people can’t just click through and start learning about your business and how you can help them